Imposition of Monastic Habit

26 March, 2015

Brother Theodore Trinko, IVE a native of California, United States received his monastic habit on the day of the Annunciation, March 25th. Holy Mass was in Barbastro, Spain. Br. Theodore Tinko currently is in his 2nd year of Theology while he receives his monastic formation in the Monastery of Our Lady of Pueyo, Barbastro, Spain.

The Institute of the Incarnate Word contemplative branch is fundamentally dedicated to the life of prayer, especially to Eucharistic adoration, to the apostolate of presence above all in mission countries, and to study and research. Because almost all of our monks are priests, the male contemplative branch necessarily cares for the faithful sacramentally through the celebration of Holy Mass and by administering the sacrament of confession. In addition, when they are asked, our monks also may preach the Spiritual Exercises and realize other apostolic activities within our Religious Family (for example, giving spiritual direction).

Currently our monasteries are: the Monastery of the Incarnate Word (San Rafael, Argentina); the Monastery of Our Lady of Succour (Guimar, Tenerife, Spain); the Monastery of Pueyo (Barbastro, Spain); the Monastery of Mary Mother of the Church (Anjara, Jordan); the Monastery of the Holy Family (Sephoris, Israel); the Monastery of Bl. Charles de Foucauld (Tunisia); and the Monastery of Madonna of Sorriso (Canneto, Italy).

‡ The apostolate of presence is the mere fact of being in a place—celebrating the Holy Mass, adoring the Eucharist, and making certain the the Catholic Church is present as a witness to Our Lord in every place in the entire world.

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