Photos and videos of the week: April 8th 2018

8 April, 2018


Holy Week and Easter Triduum

An essential aspect of the ministry that Christ entrusted to the Twelve Apostles is to be witnesses of his resurrection. The fundamental testimony that the disciples of Jesus had to give about his Master was that of his perennial life, his definitive triumph over death by his resurrection, which implied the confession of his divinity, and, therefore, the divine authenticity of his life, of his doctrine and his work.


Isla Salomon

Saint Jose Sanchez Del Rio Minor Seminary – USA


Chicago – USA

Monastery in Velletri, Segni – Italy




Monastery of the Holy Family – Seforis


Parish of St Baptist de la Salle – USA





Bagdad – Iraq 




















Aleppo – Syria


Monastery St Paul in Tuscany – Italy 


“Pascueta”: Feast within the Octave of Easter in the missions

Major Seminary St. Vitaliano pilgrimage for the St Francis’s way – Italy


Major Seminary in Brazil


















Province Mary Gate of Dawn (Holland, Iceland, Lithuania and Germany)


Major Seminary in USA


High School A.R. Bufano in San Rafael, Mendoza – Argentina

The celebration began with the Holy Mass and after the games and lunch.


Via Lucis (Way of the Light) with the school


Sisters Servants of The Lord in pilgrimage through southern Italy 

Manoppello, Lancano, etc.


Monastery in Valvanera – Spain

We had the visit of the monks from the monastery in El Pueyo.


House of Mercy St Martin of Tours, San Rafael, Mendoza – Argentina




Oratory in La Plata – Argentina


Holy Mass in Thanksgiving for the 30th Anniversary of presence in Peru


20th Anniversary of the Province Our Lady of Cisne in Ecuador


Pilgrimage to Holy Land in the 25th anniversary of their vows, SSVM


Visit of the Apostolic Nuncio to Mosul and the Christians cities in the Nineveh plains – Iraq


More about Holy Week

IVE Novitiate in Ukraine


France – Via Crucis (way of the Cross)




St Theodosius Parish in Genoa


Monastery in Valvanera – Spain


Bagdad – Iraq


Aleppo – Syria






Anjara – Jordan




Monastery of the Holy Family – Seforis


Alexandria – Egypt


Monastery Ecce Homo – Holland


Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Santa Clara, California – USA


Help for the most needed – Ukraine


March for Life in Loja – Ecuador


Saint Joseph in the Mission of Papua New Guinea


Spiritual Exercises in Holy Week – Brazil


St John the Apostol Minor Seminary, San Rafael – Argentina


Frist Friday of the month full of blessings – Tanzania



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