“Sister! Sister! Oratory is just like Heaven!!”

5 November, 2018

Last Saturday the weekly Little Flower and Don Bosco Oratory was transformed into a Heavenly banquet with dozens of children dressed up as saints. Our large farm house was filled to the brim with giant smiles and lifelike costumes- there was hardly any elbow room during the activities!

Upon arriving, the children were greeted by postulants and novices who also dressed up as their favorite saint. Carnival games like “Pin the Halo on St. Joseph” and “Find Your Cross” began the day. A crowd pleaser was a game that required the children to list 15 saints in a short amount of time. These eager kids exceeded expectations and listed 30! Our dining room was then turned into a heavenly court, giving us more room for the children to participate in several relay races. Their favorite race was St. Martin de Porres-themed. With evident focus, they guided the ball across the room, running as fast as they could through multiple cones. You could really feel their energy which was sustained by their teammates cheers of encouragement.

During the competitions, many children frequently asked to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament when their team won, and the children promptly got on their knees to adore our Savior in the tabernacle. What a wondrous example of virtue it really was a glimpse of Heaven! In the chapel, they learned about the will of God for each of them: to become saints.

We prayed a decade of the Rosary, asking Mary to help us grow in holiness. Chapel time concluded with a Litany of Saints. It was heartwarming to see that the children realized when the saint they were dressed up as was named. We also noticed that they gasped, smiled, and pointed to their neighbor with much enthusiasm as they realized they were sitting next to the saint whose intercession was requested.

The All Saints Day party continued with several more games, singing, and snacks. The children were excited to receive Marian prayer cards, Rosaries, and book marks for their efforts. We are learning that even the smallest things create the biggest smiles. The party concluded with a song to Our Lady. We pray, through the intercession of Mary, Queen of All Saints, that our Oratory continues to grow. May this Oratory bring those who attend to a deeper level of love, helping them serve God’s Kingdom, preparing their hearts for Heaven. We are grateful for these moments where we can teach the children, the future of our Church that: “The most important thing in life is to be a saint.”

Novices of the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Novitiate

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