New Foundation of the Servants in the Diocese of Ibiza

11 June, 2019

On the 16th of September, 2018, a new community of Servants was begun in the diocese of Ibiza.
The community will care for the Priests’ Residence which was recently built by the bishop, and to which the priests of the IVE from the parish of St. Telmo also lend their assistance
Rev. Msgr. Vincente Juan Segura, Bishop of Ibiza, presided over the Holy Mass which was concelebrated by Fr. José Hayes, IVE, pastor of St. Telmo, and two priests who will live in the Residence.
The inauguration was attended by various religious of the diocese and some lay persons.
All unfolded in a great atmosphere of family and joy.
On this occasion we were graced with the presence of our Superior General, M. M. María Corredentora; our Provincial Superior M. María de la Contemplación, and the two sisters from our foundation in Formentera (an island 30minutes from Ibiza), M. María Reina del Plata and Sr. María Lucero del Alba.
We give thanks to God for allowing us to found a new community in our Province, and with this to count one more tabernacle in the Church and in the world.


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