IVE Meeting – Rome 2019 “Novena Day 8”

28 July, 2019

Novena in preparation for the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Public worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

We can publically worship the Sacred Heart in every environment where our daily life takes place.

In the order of the family, the supreme act of worship is the consecration, the recognition of the Sacred Heart as King of the home, because the family is the work of God and therefore belongs to Him. We must accept this sovereignty of the Sacred Heart not only as His right over us but as an act of our love for Him, the fruit of gratitude. It is necessary that intense piety flourish in the family, which surpasses the simple obligation of the family’s own state of life; the frequency of sacraments will be the door that leads to this state of true perfection.

Christ is King in society; however, in most of them he is not known. His royalty is of right since He is the Creator, Heir, and Conqueror of all. “All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Mt 28:18). He is also a King in fact because, although He has not appropriated to Himself temporal power, He has founded a spiritual kingdom.

If men, publicly and privately, recognize Christ’s royal authority incredible benefits will necessarily come to all civil society, such as just liberty, tranquillity and discipline, peace and concord. The regal dignity of His Divine Heart, in addition to making the human authority of the leaders and rulers of the state in a certain way sacred, makes the duties and obedience of the subjects noble as well. (Cf. Pio XI Encyclical Letter Quas primas n. 17)

Finally, Jesus Christ Himself has chosen to be specially honoured on Friday. And why did He want to choose Friday? Because it is a day in which Our Lord gave us great proofs of His love: in Him, He “washed us of our sins with His blood” and gave us eternal glory as an inheritance. Also that same day His Heart was opened like a treasure, as a source of goods to flood the world. Moreover, He gave us His Mother, the Virgin Mary.

Let’s place ourselves in the presence of God to meditate upon these truths. •We ask the grace to attain true devotion to the Sacred Heart and perseverance in it until the end.
          •Today’s resolution: Let us offer a Rosary to the Blessed Mother, placing in her hands this preparation and our consecration to the Heart of her Son.
           •Jaculatory prayer of the day: (to be repeated throughout the day) Sacred Heart, remain in me, and may I always remain in you!

Novena in preparation for the Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ, the only redeemer of man,
look with love to those of us who are preparing to consecrate ourselves to Your Most Sacred Heart.
Open for us the eternal fount of your mercy,
that flows from your Heart opened on the Cross.
Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
we want to be always and only yours: in life, in death, and eternity.
Let nothing separate us from your love!
Grant us a heart similar to yours, meek and humble, that listens to you and keeps your commands;
that is nourished of the Word and the Eucharist so that, rooted, edified and transformed in you, we can grow every day in desires of love and reparation to your Heart, pierced by the sins of men and that we can work tirelessly so you can reign in every heart and every society.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in you.
Sweet Immaculate Heart of Mary, be my salvation.
All the angels and saints of God, pray for us.

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