Photos and Videos January 3rd 2020

7 January, 2020

Father Felipe Preciado Received Holy Orders in Guadalajara, Mexico

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A Novice Received the Holy Habit in Egypt

Solemnity of Mary Mother of God and New Year’s Festivities

Seven Novices Consecrated Themselves to the Virgin Mary in Peru

Greeting from the Sisters in the Province of the Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral in Tunisia

Incarnate Word Parish in Brazil

Saint Cyril and Methodius Parish in Ukraine

Parish in Skadavosk, Ukraine

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Perpetual Help Monastery in Tenerife

Baghdad, Iraq

Edith Stein Parish in Holland

Thanksgiving for the Year in the Parish in Dubovu, Ukraine

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Chapi to Give Thanks for the Past Year with the Children of the Saint Annibale of France Home of Mercy, Peru

Christmas Festivities and Navideta (Celebrations during the Octave)

Mass at Saint Paul’s, Brooklyn. New Third Order Members were Inducted from Brooklyn, Harlem, the Bronx and Bridgeport

Feast with the Families in the Parish of Saints Peter and Paul in Hong Kong

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Contemplative House of Formation in Genoa, Italy

Monastery of Valvanera, Spain


Parish of the Exultation of the Holy Cross in Ulyanovsk, Russia

Parish of Our Lady of Lujan in Philippines

Pilgrimage of the Sisters in Dallas to the Missions in San Antonio, Texas

Pilgrimage of the Sisters from the Juniorate in the United States to Mary Our Queen in Baltimore, Maryland

Pilgrimage of the Novices in the United States

Divine Child Home of Mercy in Bethlehem, Holy Land

Parish of Saint Joseph in Wufeng, Taichong, Taiwan

Holy Masses in the Grotto of the Holy Innocents and for the Feast of Saint Stephen in Bethlehem


Parish of Saint Joseph of Anchietta in Brazil

Christmas Celebration with the Poor in Zamora Huayco, Ecuador

Novitiate in Guyana

Kalmes, Iraq

Living Nativities in the Missions

In the Oratory of the Parish of Our Lady of Lujan in Philippines

In Santiago de Compostela, Spain

In the Schools of Dayuan and Guanyin in Taiwan

In Hong Kong

In Syria

Christmas Concerts

Three Christmas Concerts in Papua New Guinea

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Christmas Concert in the Monastic House of Formation in Genoa, Italy

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Christmas Songs in Taiwan

Parish of the Good Shepherd in Chile

The Cathedral in Tunisia

Popular Mission in Izanajar, Cordova, Spain

Spiritual Exercises in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Pilgrims from Spain and Argentina in the Monastery of the Holy Family in Sepphoris

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Pilgrimage to Betharram, Lourdes and through the Diocese of Santes in France

Feast of Blessed Grzegorz Chomyszyn, Patron of the Novitiate in Ukraine

The IVE Novices Traveled from Chile to Argentina for the Month Long Spiritual Exercises in San Rafael

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The Servidoras of the Province of Our Lady Gate of the Dawn are on the Spiritual Exercises this Week

Third Order Meeting in Jaffa, Holy Land

Renewal of Temporal Vows in Bethlehem

Antique Vehicle Show to Benefit the Saint Martin of Tours Home of Mercy

Testimony of Youth Who Have Participated in Universitas in Argentina

Inviting to the Universitas that will take place in Peru


Reign O Mary – Second Catechesis (Subtitles in Spanish)

IVE Communication Team

Institute of the Incarnate Word

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