Photos and Videos January 17th, 2020

20 January, 2020

Course for University Students in Brazil (Universitas)

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Youth Festival in Brazil

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Youth Festival Hymn

“Divague”, (skit): The Rich Miser

The Official Photo of the Group

First Mass of Father Federico Gonzalez in the Seminary in Philippines

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Pro Life Encounter in Hong Kong

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Eighth Anniversary of the Arrival of the Pope Saint Vitaliano Seminary to Montefiascone, Italy

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Heroic Night Praying for the Project of a School in Rome and for Missionaries

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Two Beautiful Baptisms in Khabarovsk, Russia

Also pictures of the visit with youth from the island of Sajalin and the winter vacation oratory from the parish of the Immaculate Conception of Mary

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Marian Pilgrimage

After the Spiritual Exercises of 38 sisters in Luxembourg they went on pilgrimage to Our Lady Consolation of the Afflicted placing the province of Northern Europe and the Congregation under her protection and giving thanks for all the benefits received during the exercises.

82223839 2902957809767075 7953489239813914624 o - IVE AmericaPastoral Visits

His Excellency, Bishop David Visited the Parish of Our Lady of Lujan in Philippines

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His Excellency, Bishop Antoniazzi Visited the Cathedral in Tunisia

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His Excellency, Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara Visited the Community of the School in Pasig, Philippines

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Winter Vacation and Outing to the Zoo with the Children in Tajikistan

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Intense Youth Activities in Papua New Guinea

PAPÚA 2 - IVE America

Learning about “The Doctor” in the School of the Divine Child Home of Mercy in Bethlehem

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Fun and Games with the Children in the Saint Annibale of France Home of Mercy in Peru

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Outings with the Girls from the Saint Joseph Benito Cottolengo Home of Mercy in Peru

Visit to the Churches of Saint Teresa and Saint Catherine

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The Children of the Home of Mercy in Ukraine Went to Visit the Priests and Sisters in Kramatorsk

They learned to do woodworking

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Popular Mission with the Youth from the Saint Maximillian Parish

The youth from the parish of Saint Maximillian Kolbe, in San Rafael, Mendoza, held a popular mission in Ameghino, in the province of Buenos Aires, with Father Catena, from the 5th to the 12th of January.

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Preparation for the Year Dedicated to Saint Catherine of Siena in the Monastery in Genoa

On Saturday, January 10th, our community had a little conference, given by Mother Bethlehem, missionary in Genoa, on the life of Saint Catherine of Siena, and how she should be our model as a Spouse of Jesus Christ.

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Activities of the 40 Hours Project in Cannet, France

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Spiritual Exercises in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

There were two tracks, 15 men in one, and 17 women in the other

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Marriage in the Byzantine Rite in Montefiascone, Italy

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Great Kermess (Parish Festival) in the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Zamora Huaico, Ecuador

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New Postulants in the Contemplative Novitiate in Brazil and the Novitiate in Italy

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First Confessions

The children from the mission in Avondale, United States, received the Sacrament of Penance for the first time.

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The Sisters in Iraq Visited the Recently Reconstructed School of the Carmelites

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Christmas Concert in the Parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius

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Oratory in the Parish of Saint Edith Stein in HollandTwo New

Two New Publications of the Maghtas Editions


Help for the Orchestra Project in Papua New Guinea

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Christian History and Archeology in Tunisia (In Spanish)

The Festive Oratory (In Spanish)

January News from Ecuador (In Spanish)

Priestly Celibacy – Fr. Silvio Moreno (In French)

Vocational Testimony – Maria Mater Sanguinis Pretiosi (Sr. Mary of the Precious Blood) (In English)

Christmas Concert in Luxembourg

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Flash Philippino Missionary – The Volcano Taal (In Spanish)

Flash Siberian Missionary (In Spanish)

Iconography Course for Servidoras in Italy (In English)

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Institute of the Incarnate Word

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