Photos and Videos June 20, 2020

1 July, 2020


Orvieto,Italy, Procession Where the Eucharistic Miracle of Oriveto Orginated at the Feast of Corpus Christi

Papua New Guinea

Germany, Solemn Vespers with Youth of the Voces Verbi Group

“Voces Verbi”

Shymkent, Kazajstan

Cathedral in Tunisia

Monastery in Pueyo, Spain

Monastery in Tunisia

Taichung, Taiwan

Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Cairo, Egypt. (Chaldeon Rite)

Marcel Javier Morsella Novitiate in Chile


Holy Family Monastery, Seforis

Novitiate in Ecuador

Holy Land

St. Anthony and Immaculate Heart of Mary Parishes in Arizona, United States.

The Faithful Consecrated Themselves to Mary on that Day

St. Michael the Archangel Parish in Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Dayuan, Taiwan

General House Community in Rome


Contemplative Community Saint Edith Stein in United States

St. Joseph Parish in Brazil

Contemplative Community Ecce Homo in Holland

Contemplative Formation House in Genova

Contemplative Community Madonna Delle Grazie, In Velletri, Italy

Contemplative Community St. Teresa of the Andes in Argentina

Formation Houses in Peru

Monastery in Valvanera, Spain

Contemplative Community Saint Joseph, in Albania

De Vic Cathedral, Spain

Monastic Juniorate in Tuscania, Italy

Home for Young Girls in Guayaquil, Ecuador


National Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in the United States

Parish in Cotahuasi, Peru

Sacred Heart Parish in Peterborough, Canada

Our Lady of Caacupe Community, Paraguay

Oratory in Holland

Avondale, United States

St. Paul Parish in Harlem, United States

St. Cyprian Parish in Washington DC, United States

House of Mercy St. Martin of Tours in Argentina

SSVM Novitiate in Ecuador

Parish St. Veronica in Philadelphia, United States


General Alvear, Parish of the Sacred Heart, Argentina

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Consecration of the Delegation Our Lady of Lourdes to the Sacred Heart

Consecration to the Sacred Heart in Dallas, United States

To the Sacred Heart, Praying for Vocations, Missio Sui Iuris in Tajikistan

Various Families Enthrone their Homes to the Sacred Heart in Brazil

Coronation of the Sacred Heart in the Contemplative Community in Velletri, Italy

Raising Spiritual and Material Churches in Tanzania

I ask for Baptism with All my Heart

Feast of St. John XXIII, Patron of the Minor Seminary in Italy

Feast of St. Joseph of Anchieta in the Parish who has him as Patron in Brazil

Pilgrimage of Mom’s to Cotignac, France

First Masses in the Parish St. Joseph of Anchieta in Brazil

The Novices of Argentina Recieve the New Name of Mary

First Communions in the Parish St. Peter and St. Paul in Mankato, United States

Baptisms in Cyprus

Procession in the Houses of Formation in Loja, Ecuador praying for Vocations

Litanies and Hymns in Honor of Our Lady of Protection in the House of Monastic Formation in Genova, Italy

Pilgrimage to Some Churches of Trastevere in Rome

The Youngest of the Parish Holy Family in Gaza

Helping the Families who are Most in Need in the Parish in Zamora Huaico, Ecuador and at Holy Spirit Parish in Brazil

The Arrival of the Third Sister to the Mission in Baghdad

Oratory in Iceland

Welcoming a new Little Girl in the House of Mercy in Cairo, Egypt

Apostolate in the House of Mercy in the City of Chariy in Cairo, Egypt

Outing in Kalivac, Albania

Reopening of the St. Thomas Aquinas Center in Gaza


Diaconate Ordination in Pueyo

Recieving Cassocks

Holy Mass of Corpus Christi in the Mother House

Novena to the Sacred Heart

Are We Capable to Understand the Heart of Jesus? (Spanish)

The Promises of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart in the Eucharist

Virtual Pilgrimage to Paray Le Monial, City of the Sacred Heart

Interview of Father Diego Cano IVE, Missionary in Tanzania (Spanish)

Jesus Christ in St. John of the Cross (Spanish)

Daily Homilies(Spanish)

Are Word’s Important? (Spanish)


Eucharistic Adoration of the 40 Hours Project in the First Chapel of the Religious Family (Spanish)

Thanks to Your Prayers, My Son is A Priest (Portuguese)

The Mystical Body of Christ Attacked

Resolutions and Generosity (Italian)

Twenty Years of Being Present in the Mission (Ukrainian)

Small Catechesis for First Communion (Cantonese)


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