Photos and Videos June 27, 2020

6 July, 2020

Enthroning and Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Missions

Blessing of the New Church Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Village of Watape, Amanab, in Papua New Guinea

More than 14,000 Persons from All Around the World Followed the Novena in Preparation for the Enthroning and Consecration to the Sacred Heart

Brazil, Blessing of the New Plaza Dedicated to the Sacred Heart

Monk Received the Religious Habit in Brazil

Prayers in the IVE Novitiates of the Missions for Vocations

Contemplative Community in Brazil

House of Formation in Ecuador

Consecration in the Parish of Granada, Spain

Consecration at the Cerro de los Angeles in Spain

Consecration in the Parish of the Island of Ibiza, Spain

Consecration in the Parish of Luc and Cannet, France

Enthronization in the Homes of Families in Brazil

Don Bosco Oratory, City of La Plata, Argentina

Community Our Lady of Caacupe, Paraguay



Consecration in the Hospital of San Luis, Argentina

Enthronization in the Community of Cordoba, Spain

Enthronization in Maryland, United States

Celebration at the Provincial House and a Pilgrimage to a Few Churches of the Sacred Heart in Rome

The Servants of the Lord in Bera, Navarra climbed the Mountain Urgull in Saint Sebastian

Consecration in the Community of Pontevedra, Spain

Parish of Saint Expedite, Brazil


Baghdad, Iraq

Community of Blessed María Angélica Pérez, in Campo de Mayo (Renovation of the Consecration to the Sacred Heart)

Opening of the New Community “Blessed Bernard of Hoyos” in the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart in Girona, Spain

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Offering to Our Lady of Luján in the Community of Blessed María Angélica Pérez

Guardian Angel” Parish in Granada, Spain

Vow of Marian Slavery in the Monastery of Our Lady of Pueyo in Spain

Consecration of Filial Slavery of Love in the Monastic Novitiate in Tuscania, Italy

SConsecration to Mary in the Parish of Phoenix, United States

Celebration in the Sanctuary of Pontevedra Where Our Lady Appeared to Sister Lucia

Procession in Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Papua New Guinea

Contemplative Community in the Philippines

Fifteenth Anniversary of the House of Mercy “Child Jesus” in Bethlehem

60th Anniversary of the Dioceses of Hsinchu, Taiwan and Confirmations

Investiture of the Religious Habit in the Novitiate and Monastic Novitiate in Brazil

New Pastor in Suncho Corral, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

The Faith Continues to Grow in the Far Away Villages I and II, Tanzania

Solemnity of Corpus Christi

In the City of Charity of Egypt

In the Parish in Mollepata, Peru

Greetings for the Celebration of the Previous Minor Seminarians in Ecuador

Celebrations in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Anjara, Jordan

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary in Aleppo, Syria

Baptisms in the Cathedral of Tunisia and in the Church of Saint Vivien, France

Confirmations in Iceland

End of the Academic Year in the Houses of Formation in Ecuador

Video of the Pilgrimage by Moms to Cotignac, France

Procession of Saint Expedite in Brazil

Feast of Saint John the Baptist in the House of Mercy in Iquitos, Peru

Encounter of the Eucharistic Adorers in France

Holy Mass in the Byzantine Rite in Omsk, Russia

Sacred Heart Project and an Icon of Saint Rose Finished in the Contemplative House of Formation in Genoa

Voces Verbi Group in Girona, Spain

News from the Novitiate of the Servants of the Lord in Argentina

Competitions in the Seminary in the Philippines

Thanksgiving for the Work Done in the Seminary of the Latin Patriarchy in Jerusalem

Work of God, House of Mercy Saint Hannibal of France in Peru

June 20th, Flag Day in the School “Isabella the Catholic” in San Rafael and at the Humanist High School “Saint Michael the Archangel” in Santiago del Estero

“Promise of Loyalty to the National Flag”, Made by the Students of 4th Grade, Primary Level

School in the Island of Formentera, Spain

House of Mercy in the Ukraine

Virtual Concert in the Ukraine for the Feast of the Ascension

Praying the Rosary in Suriname

They cannot make Visits to the Residency, but they can always accompany them.

Help for Needy Families in Philippines and Chile

Celebrations for the Perpetual Vows of a Sister in the General House, Rome

Didactical Games Made by Agustin in the House of Mercy, Saint Martin of Tours, San Rafael


Eight Marian Catechesis: We are Hers by an Anticipated Election (Spanish)

Missionary Adventure

Daily Homilies(Spanish)

Conferences on the Holy Shroud of Turin


To Take Christ to the Ends of the Earth

The Rest of a Saint: Theatre Performance by the Minor Seminary “Saint John XXIII in Montefiascone, Italy

The Prayers of Mary

I Saw Her Sitting – To the Virgin of Solitude (Poem)

Interpretation of the Apocalypse according to Father Castellani and Father Menvielle (Portuguese)

Manuel Fodera and Love of Eucharistic Jesus (Italian)


List of Directions to Follow the Celebrations Online


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