Photos and videos of the week: July 10, 2020

26 July, 2020

New contemplative community in Torrelaguna, Spain


Perpetual Vows, Patronal Feast in one of the Parishes in Ukraine and the 26th Anniversary of the arrival of the Religious Family to this misión.


Fr. Marcelo Navarro, a new Doctor of Theology and Father Pablo Alfaro completed his license in Family Sciences

Consecration and Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in Russia, Tunsia and Cairo, Egypt

Summer Oratory on Aleppo, Syria

Archaeological Visit in Tunisia

Picture of the Diaconate Ordinations in Argentina

The new priest visit the Contemplative Juniorate in Tuscania, Italy


Popular Mission in Lekebibaj, Albania

Family Day in Island

Summer Oratory in the Parish Le Luc in France

Month of Mary in France, the Virgin arrives to the Parish in Coury

Oratory in Holland

Patronal Feast of the Community Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified Petkovic in the City of La Plata

End of the school year with the Catechists in the mission in Papua New Guinea

The new sisters arrived to the contemplative communities in Geno and Tuscania Italy and Aloy, Spain

Instrumental in the Contemplative House of Formation in Genoa

First Communions in the Parish St. Anthony of Padua in New Bedford, USA

New building for the Pro-life Center in Taiwan

A youth from the residence for university students in Syria graduated with a degree in medicine

Popular missions in the Villages: chapel of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Tanzania

Group of women and youth in Gaza

Two new children of God in the parish of the Holy Spirit in Brazil

A large donation of goods for the poor in Baghdad

Constant help for the faithful in the Philippines

Feast of the Virgin of Itati in the City of La Plata

Welcome of the new missionary in the Home of Mercy and pilgrimage to St. Euphemia in Kallmet, Albania

Thank you to all of the benefactors! Home of Mercy St. Martin de Tours

The contemplative postulants in Argentina prepare their classroom

Spiritual Exercises in Egypt and Tunisia

Celebrations for the North American Independence Day in the Contemplative Community in Velletri, Italy


Diaconate Ordinations in Argentina

Daily Homilies

How to be a good grandfather? (In Spanish)

The Price for a holy priest

(In Spanish)

What a priest is worth (English)

Interviews in the time of the Coronavirus- Parish of the Good Shepherd, Chile

The Ideology of Progressivism (Italian-Ukrainian)

Rege O Maria (Ukrainian)

Sacred Heart (Russian)

St. Benedict (Tagalog)




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