Photos and videos of the week: October 9, 2020

12 October, 2020

Final and First Vows in Egypt

Tenth anniversary of Marcel Callo School in France

For the festivities, the Holy Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated, presided over by Monsignor Domenic. Present was Mother Corredentora, Superior General, Fr. Alfredo Alos, and Mother Queen of the Angels, respective superior of the “Our Lady of Lourdes” delegation.

First conference on St. John of Avila and a short talk in the monastery of El Pueyo, Spain.

Vow of Marian slavery in Novitiate in Brazil

Dedication of the altar in the St. Teresa contemplative novitiate, Brazil

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of France

The images are too eloquent. It is the pilgrimage of Our Lady of France through the five shrines built in the five places where the Blessed Virgin appeared in France during the nineteenth century: Rue du Bac, Paris (1830), La Salette (1846), Lourdes (1858), Pontman (1871) and Pellevoisin (1876). If an imaginary line joins the five sanctuaries, an “M” is formed, the M for Mary.

I had the grace of receiving the pilgrim Virgin in one of the villages of our parish. On July 5, she arrived in the afternoon with the pilgrims. With the faithful from my parish we received them with refreshments, a prayer vigil and dinner in the municipal hall. The next day I celebrated Mass and we accompanied her to the next village (12 kms).

The pilgrimage left on Monday, June 1st from two places: one wagon from La Salette and the other from Lourdes. Both were scheduled to arrive on Saturday, September 12, the day on which the two wagons would meet in Pellevoisin: the Eastern route (La Salette-Paris) and the Pest route (Lourdes-Pontman). Sunday was the closing with the Mass for the coronation of the Virgin. I had the grace to participate in this exciting conclusion.


Patron celebrations from the parish St. Therese in Sargatka, Russia

March for life in Berlin

From the Shrine of Maria Hilf in Germany, we were able to be present along with about 3,000 participants. Against the culture of death, a CULTURE OF LIFE can be built, a culture of love, of true love.

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Zarvanytsia in Ukraine

After the ordination in Ukraine first mass in the seminary in Italy

Voces Verbi excursión in Germany

Beginning of the Academic year at the seminary and blessing of the House of Formation in Italy

Celebrations for the “Day of the Teacher” in Papua New Guinea

New Licentiates in Theology

Blessing of the new construction for the seminary in the Philippines

Newly consecrated to Mary Most Holy in Taichung

First Communions in Holland

Pilgrimages to the Cathedral of Taichung, Taiwan and to the Basilica of Guadalupe in Santa Fe, Argentina

Oratory party in Lithuania

Feast of Saint Therese, co-patron of the Juniorate in the United States

Inauguration of the new soccer field in the international seminary in Italy

Spiritual Exercises in Egypt

Popular mission in Watape, Papua New Guinea

New contemplative novices and apostolic sisters in Italy

The school in Tanzania

Visit from the bishop for Holy Mass to start the school year in the girls dorm, Suriname

Feast of the Holy Angels, patrons of the school in the Home of Mercy for boys in Bethlehem

Course on preaching the Spiritual Exercises in the contemplative house of formation in Genoa

Preparing for the Feast of the Pilar in Chimiche, Tenerife

Month of the Rosary in Taichung, Taiwan

Blessing of the camp in Pessines, France

New website for the Province of Our Lady of Buenos Aires


Replica of the Holy Shroud at the Mother house

Firm in the faith

Missionary Adventure

Your word is my word, a light on my path

Priestly dignity

The message of the Merciful Jesus

Daily homilies

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Litany of the Immaculate Conception

Interview to the contemplatives in Sardinia

The Holy Rosary

Baptism (Chinese)



25th anniversary of the Incarnate Word Parish in Taichung, Taiwan

Directory for online celebrations

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