Photos and videos of the week: October 23, 2020

25 October, 2020

Feast of St. John Paul II, spiritual father of our religious family

The beginning of the series “Indelible Imprint” on St. John Paul II and the religious family

The Holy Mass live streamed for all those who participated in the novena, transmitted from the mother house. During the Mass, some religious professed their final vows.

All the Catechetical videos for the novena (Spanish)

The intentions of the novena were taken to the tomb of St. John Paul II


Papua New Guinea



United States



Taipei, Taiwan

Kinmen, Taiwan

Monastery in Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan


The Monastery in Taiwan

A Marian concert for the feast in Hong Kong

St. John Paul II college in San Rafael, Argentina

St. John Paul II (Cantonese)

The silver jubilee of the parish in Taiwan

Final Vows in Poland and Albania

Our first vocation born in Poland, Sr. María Matka Miłosierdzia, professed her perpetual vows on the day of St. John Paul II in her homeland. It is worth noting that the vows were taken on the centenary of the birth of Pope John Paul II. The vow ceremony took place in the parish of St. Joseph in Wolsztyn built by her father. We thank God for this great grace.

Sr. María Drita de Matireve, a native of Albania, made her final vows in her hometown on October 17.

70 children receive First Holy Communion in Nyasa, Tanzania

37 adult Baptisms in Hong Kong

Ministries of Lector and Acolyte at Pope St. Vitalian seminary, Italy

A 72 km. pilgrimage to Our Lady of Cisne, Ecuador

First Communions in Alejandria, Egypt

Reign oh Mary, Tanzania

A new child of God in the parish of St. Pio in Ecuador

A moment of recreation with the grandparents of the St. Martin of Tours home, Argentina

A clinic in Tanzania

The beginning of school activities in Alepo, Siria

Spiritual Exercises in Lithuania

Preparation of the mission center in the cathedral of Saintes, France


The enthronment of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Philipines

Iconography course in the monastery in the Ukraine

SSVM Novitiate pilgrimage in the United States

Repairs in the novitiate chapel in Brazil

Conference for university students, Turin

80 students received Confirmation in Wauchula, United States

A pilgrimage of a group of young people from Harlem to St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

Volunteers in Holland

Olive picking in the House of Mercy “God Child” in Bethlehem

New website in French

New website in Portuguese

New website of Voces Verbi in Northern Europe

Link to the website


The defects of the saints – Firm in the Faith (Spanish)

Daily Homilies

Orchestra in Papua New Guinea

The Natural Order – Carlos Alberto Sacheri

Reign oh Mary – Ecuador

Prayers (English)

The Virgin Mary in the Sacred Scriptures (English)

The third excuse is: I don’t know how to pray (Cantonese)


Virtual Oratory “To the Heights”

Matins for all the saints

Material for praying Matins






List of directions of how to follow the celebrations online

IVE Communication Team

Institute of the Incarnate Word

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