Photos and videos of the week: November 6, 2020

10 November, 2020

Final Vows in the Monastery of Pueyo, Spain

A pilgrimage of our religious family to Our Lady of Caysasay in the Philippines

Solemnity of All the Saints


Brazil, Holy Spirit Parish

Santiago del Estero, Argentina




United States



Girls residence and the little house in Albania

Anjara, Jordan


The God Child House in Bethlehem



House of Mercy in Peru

Heroic night with a group of youth from the Voces Verbi in Dallas, United States

Vigil with the youth in Albania

Nursing home in Palestine

On November 1st, we were able to celebrate All Saints’ Day in our nursing home. We had Holy Mass in the afternoon preceded by Patriarch Emeritus Michael Sabbah. Then we prayed the Holy Rosary. Then Patriarch Sabbah gave us a talk on the Gospel of the Beatitudes and the call to holiness.

First Vows in Montefiascone, Italy

Thirty-first anniversary of the Alfredo R Bufano Humanist highschool in San Rafael

Days of Discernment in Brazil

Marian pilgrimage of the novices in Italy, asking for the increase and perseverance of vocations

Departure to the mountain, Marcelo Javier Morsella novitiate

Month of the Rosary in Papua New Guinea

The Virgin in Nyasa, Tanzania

Prayer vigil before the Pilgrim Virgin of Pocksen, Ukraine

The Voces Verbi group in Hong Kong sing a song to the Virgin

Marian Youth mission of the health ministry in Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Forty Days for Life in Loja

Confirmations of the Minor Seminarians in Brazil

Mass for the faithful departed



United States



Fiftieth anniversary celebrations at the international seminary

Fr. Giuseppe Trapè, parish priest in St. Giuseppe alle Mosse (Montefiascone) celebrated 50 years of priesthood in the Seminary.

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Charity in Miami, United States

Holy Mass of Thanksgiving in Albania

A Holy Mass was celebrated for the 30th anniversary of the first Mass after the fall of Communism and for the 4th anniversary of the beatification of the Albanian martyrs.

The Good Samaritan- House of Mercy

The testimonies of volunteers in Albania (Dutch)

Division of the teams in the school in France

Lighting and harvesting in the house of St. Anne

Day of the Old Age in the House of Mercy in Taybe, Holy Land

Oratory and departure to the mountain, Tanzania

First Communions in Ecuador

Thanks to Fr. Andrew of the Youth group in the Ukraine

Entrance and definitive admission to the contemplative life

A compaign for St. Nicholas in the Ukraine

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in Paraguay

Extension project and remodeling of the Sacred Heart home in Chile

Graduations in the home in the Philippines

A zoom rosary of the Voces Verbi group in the Ukraine

Month of the Rosary competition in the parishes in the Philippines

New editions in French


Indelible mark

Missionary Adventure

I am called to holiness – Firm in the Faith

Preparation for the consecration to my Mother of Heaven

Help in the formation of a future missionary

The spiritual and corporal Works of Mercy

Homily diaries




Solemnity of All the Saints (Spanish and Italian)

Liberty of Expression (French)

The Will of God (English)

Finding my vocation in a relativistic culture

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (English)

An oratory at home (Cantonese)



List of directions in order to follow celebrations online

IVE Communication Team

Institute of the Incarnate Word

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