Secular Third Order

The Third Order is made up of lay members who wish to participate in our mission and live our spirituality in the midst of the world. They live with the intention of being a new incarnation of the Word in everyday life. In their homes, in their workplaces, among people and in every aspect of the world in which they live.

The members who officially form a part of the Third Order, participate in the spirit of the Institute and consecrate themselves to the Virgin Mary in “maternal slavery of love.” Tertiary members are asked to pray for the entire Religious Family and especially for new vocations.

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The participation of the tertiaries in the different apostolic works of the Religious Family is made concrete in many ways: helping in the Works of Charity; participation and assistance in the Liturgy; supporting our missions – through prayer, sacrifices and active participation in the field, with volunteering and visiting and helping places in need. Deserving of special mention are the Pro Life apostolates, the translation and editing of books, teaching catechism, the help in the popular missions and in the organization of the Spiritual Exercises Our tertiaries collaborate with great joy and enthusiastically promote all the activities that are organized, becoming an immense support for our missionaries and truly key parts of our missionary endeavor in the different countries.

Convinced that “the mission belongs to all the people of God” and “not only to some experts”, they evangelize the culture through their own vocation, in the ordinary conditions of their lives they fulfill each and every one of the duties and occupations of the world according to the spirit of the Incarnate Word and acting in this way, they contribute to the sanctification of the world by radiating to others the same faith which they embrace, the same hope that animates them and the same charity with which they know they are loved by God.

The Third Order has various levels of belonging, from a total consecration to God through the profession of private vows, while living in the world, to a simpler participation in the spiritual goods of the religious family. Associations of the faithful and lay movements can also join the Third Order.

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